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Chief Quality & Safety Officer

Ratings that Reflect Quality

  • Our software automatically identifies and prioritizes potential opportunities to augment clinical documentation and optimize diagnosis coding to support quality outcomes.
  • Our clinical documentation improvement tool makes a significant impact on your hospital’s reputation by improving scores across the rating organizations, leading to better recruitment and retention of talent while drawing in more patients and increasing market share.
Capture More Revenue

  • Accurately capturing data is the difference between maximizing reimbursements and suffering compliance errors or negative audit adjustments.
  • With an ever-increasing emphasis on quality, safety, and value-based payments, the pressure is on to improve your organization’s overall quality ratings.
  • Not only does our software give you the “right” data, but it also provides reliable, actionable intelligence your quality teams need to close gaps in clinical documentation, increase reimbursements, and improve financial performance.

Chief Medical Officer

Balancing Cost and Quality

  • Clinical documentation drives the billing process, maintains the diagnosis and procedure coding details, and provides the required justification for reimbursement. Yet, documentation improvement can be a time-consuming, error-prone, and under-valued task.
  • Our clinical documentation improvement software was designed by data scientists and physicians with an understanding of the extreme variability between the quality rating systems and their complex methodologies.
  • With our software, clinical documentation becomes a vital tool that enhances patient care delivery while maximizing financial performance and improving quality reporting. Our patented algorithm automatically identifies underlying risk factors and captures critical information that feeds analytics systems and performance dashboards, allowing clinicians to gain deeper insights into a patient’s medical status and enabling health systems to maximize reimbursements and ratings.
Do More with Less

  • Trinda Health’s clinical documentation improvement software enhances the quality and completeness of patient records to more accurately code medical encounters, improve financial outcomes, and boost quality metrics.
  • Streamlined collaboration with clinical documentation improvement specialists allows physicians to get a clearer picture of each patient for improved outcomes and better clinical quality ratings.

Chief Analytics Officer

Transform Complex Data into Actionable Insights

  • Sifting through the vast amount of available information without adding to the CDI or IT team’s workload is a challenge.
  • Better access to and understating of data provides opportunities for health systems to improve revenues, boost productivity, and innovate.
  • Trinda Health constantly analyzes and complex quality models, so you get the most up-to-date insights and recommendations.
Boost Ratings with Accurate Data from Multiple Sources

  • Accurately reflecting outcomes requires fully recording patient and treatment data, including any complications or comorbidities (CCs and MCCs). With our healthcare quality improvement software, health systems can build and leverage data-driven environments for improved documentation and coding, adjusted risk, and strengthened diagnosis groupings.
Seamless Implementation Frees Time and Resources

  • With Trinda Health, health systems and teams use one application to access comprehensive datasets, eliminating duplication, uncoordinated workflows, and miscommunication.

Chief Financial Officer

Quality is the New Revenue Driver

  • Clinical documentation improvement is the key to patient volume increases, market share gains, proper reimbursement rates, penalty avoidance, denials reductions, and higher quality ratings.
  • By mitigating clinical risk, health systems earn significant financial gains and have the opportunity to become preferred providers.
Coding for Financial Success

  • Our healthcare quality improvement software finds potential complications and comorbidities (CCs and MCCs) and flags high-priority documentation and coding opportunities in terms of financial impact and quality reporting.
  • Our tool works seamlessly with existing clinical and CDI workflows to increase reimbursement for care provided. With Trinda Health, your health system can protect and drive revenue opportunities with accurate clinical documentation, improved care quality, and optimized productivity.

CDI Lead

Technology that Lets You Add Value

  • CDI specialists make a profound impact on revenue, quality, and care metrics for their health systems and take pride in their program’s integrity.
  • Our clinical documentation software complements and enhances CDI specialists’ existing workflows to streamline decision-making for record and coding improvements. The web-based tool provides efficient and effective data lookup and prioritizes worklists based on potential quality and DRG impacts.
  • CDI specialists use our software to identify patient records with the greatest opportunities for optimized diagnosis and coding accuracy to earn more appropriate financial reimbursement. Our healthcare quality improvement software is a vital CDI tool that makes significant impacts on efficiency, data quality, and reimbursement rates.
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Reach for the Extra Stars

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