Healthcare Clinical Documentation Improvement Solutions

Change the Way You Document, Not the Way You Treat

Your healthcare providers are doing amazing work. Why not earn them and your health system the recognition and reimbursement you all deserve?

Our healthcare quality improvement platform infuses CDI best practices into the entire health system without changing the way clinicians treat or chart. The evidence-based algorithm automatically analyzes every aspect of the patient record—even data that isn’t traditionally included, such as medications and unstructured notes—to identify errors and omissions in diagnosis grouping.

With these unprecedented insights, CDI specialists can easily adjust records or claims to earn your health system the quality rankings and reimbursement rates you deserve.

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Benefits for Health Systems

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Improve Your Reputation

What do your rankings say about your reputation? With patients playing an increasingly proactive role as healthcare consumers, they are analyzing more data, trends, ratings, and reviews before deciding where to get their care.

Our healthcare quality improvement platform earns health systems and clinicians the appropriate recognition based on the entire scope of care delivered, ensuring industry quality ratings accurately reflect clinical outcomes.

Beyond recognition and respect, healthcare organizations have tremendous opportunities for financial gain dependent on quality scores, including pay-for-performance programs and value-based contract negotiations.

Improve your health system’s reputation, visibility, and trust within the community.

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Reduce Penalties and Increase Payments

Trinda Health shows hospitals how to convert CMS penalties into payments across several clinical measures for positive cashflow and improved reputation.

Quality is the biggest driver of overall hospital performance. Our hospital CDI solutions deliver actionable quality-focused revenue growth recommendations without changing the way providers treat.

By looking at revenue opportunities through a quality lens, health systems can make a lasting impact on quality reporting and pay-for-performance reimbursements with a single tool.

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Elevate Your Standard of Quality

Patient safety is a critical success factor for hospitals. If you’ve got a handle on that, it’s time to expand your focus to include the next frontier of quality improvement: clinical documentation.

Our detailed clinical documentation review algorithm brings quality initiatives to the forefront. With our evidence-based algorithm, clinical documentation specialists can access more patient data in real time and use it to make a real impact on quality and reimbursement.

By strengthening your organization’s data and information analysis capabilities, our healthcare quality improvement software allows you to champion a data-driven organization with integrity and confidence.

Trinda Health improved a large midwestern academic medical center’s quality and financial standing in just 18 months.

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Small adjustments lead to big payoffs: Improving quality risk adjustment by an average of just 1% with Trinda Health moved the hospital above the national average in five measures.

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