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When the CMO of a 210-bed regional hospital in the midwest shared Trinda Health’s quality results with the health system board, she put her hospital on the map as a CDI pioneer.

Today, her team’s model leads the way for quality and reimbursement improvements throughout the greater health system, including at the now top-rated academic medical center in the state.

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Benefits for Community Hospitals

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Learn More from Your Documentation

Incomplete clinical documentation distorts quality measurement and payment models and typically stems from chronic condition omissions, diagnostic laboratory test exclusions, and evolving documentation policies.

Our hospital clinical documentation improvement platform crawls every available patient data point daily that manual CDI review processes often miss—including the full health record, lab results, medications, and notes—to better identify underlying chronic conditions and misdiagnoses.

The web-based system gives CDI teams a prioritized daily worklist that displays patients with complications and comorbidities whose health records or claims could be adjusted to impact the hospital’s quality and DRG payment scores.

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Identify Your Highest Risk Patients

Our patented algorithm quickly identifies which patients are at the highest risk of underlying complications and comorbidities not reflected in their record, allowing CDI teams and clinicians to proactively identify and more adequately manage at-risk populations for improved outcomes.

Complete documentation—including the addition of secondary diagnoses, CCs, and MCCs—leads to improved coding, more accurate patient classification and risk adjustment, and optimized quality reporting and reimbursement.

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Hospital Quality. Elevated.

How much of an impact can your CDI team make if they don’t have access to all available clinical data? Basing decisions off a subset of the patient record and only the information your CDI team can manually access and analyze in a workday is not efficient or scalable—and won’t lead to meaningful results.

We remove human error and inefficiency from the critical data mining component of CDI. Our clinical documentation improvement software automatically investigates all available clinical data from the EMR, plus structured and unstructured data you may not have previously considered—such as diagnostic lab results, medication lists, notes, and social determinants of health—to more accurately define comorbidities.

With a complete view of each patient, our tool prioritizes the patient records with the greatest opportunities for diagnosis and coding optimization for more appropriate financial reimbursement.

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