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An in-depth view of every patient gives you the ability to implement unique initiatives designed to win the quality trifecta: improved patient care, higher ratings, and enhanced financial performance.

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Leave the data mining and opportunity prioritization to us and give your CDI professionals the freedom to make the critical improvement decisions that will make a difference in quality and compensation.

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Unrivaled Insights into Quality Rating Methodologies

Hospital quality measures are complicated and vary widely among the industry’s rating entities, making it hard for healthcare leaders to implement impactful changes. Hospital quality teams need a way to see through the fog of metrics and calculations to make lasting quality improvements.

Trinda Health is the trusted knowledge source of quality rating methodologies, including CMS and U.S. News & World Report. We can precisely forecast your hospital’s potential quality rating increases with a simple, comprehensive assessment of your clinical documentation improvement opportunities by service line, diagnosis group, provider, and quality measure.

Our algorithm analyzes and influences quality measures related to mortality and readmission rates, which account for 44% of CMS’ latent variable rating model. We also influence measures that account for 30% of U.S. News’ hospital rankings calculations.

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