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Do you have a revenue cycle management solution that could benefit from integration with a clinical documentation integrity tool?

Benefits for RCM Companies

Advanced RCM solutions must address the current fee-for-service reimbursement model and prepare health systems for the future of value-based care focused on quality scorecards.

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Make Use of the Data You Have

Quality is measured differently across the major rating organizations, but each assesses the same clinical data. Our healthcare quality improvement software makes patient data more transparent for improved quality reporting. It analyzes a comprehensive clinical dataset daily, focuses on the accurate documentation of complications and comorbidities (CCs and MCCs), and identifies clinical indicators that can improve quality ratings and DRG payments.

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Enhance End-to-End RCM Solution Set

Our RCM partners can deliver the technology health systems seek to drive higher ratings, increase patient volumes, gain market share, improve reimbursement rates, avoid penalties, and reduce denials. Integrating our tool reassures your health system customers that you understand their changing needs and that they can rely on you for comprehensive, end-to-end revenue cycle management with a focus on quality.

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Anticipate Changing Consumer Demands

As the industry continues to pivot toward value-based payments, clinical documentation integrity represents a prime opportunity for RCM companies to proactively address changing consumer demands. Our clinical documentation improvement software is an RCM company’s competitive differentiator that gives healthcare organizations the power to use existing data to realize more accurate reimbursements based on health histories and care provided.

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Embrace Healthcare Consumerism

51% of women and 39% of men view star ratings online, which are considered by healthcare consumers to be the most important information on a health system’s website. Healthcare consumers place a high level of trust in hospital quality ratings, so revenue cycle vendors must understand the complex rating methodologies and empower health systems to influence quality with actionable analytics. Add a quality focus to your RCM solutions to meet changing customer demands.

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