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Quality-Focused Revenue Growth

What if you could increase financial success by more accurately portraying the quality of care your hospital provides?

Follow a clear roadmap to maximizing reimbursement rates and quality scores with the first quality-focused clinical documentation improvement software.

Trinda Health improved a large midwestern academic medical center’s quality and financial standing in just 18 months.

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Small adjustments lead to big payoffs: Improving quality risk adjustment by an average of just 1% with Trinda Health moved the hospital above the national average in five measures.

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How It Works

Trinda Health’s patented, evidence-based algorithm identifies clinical documentation gaps and forecasts improvement opportunities across the various rating entities’ risk models, showing you the possible ranking impacts overall and within specialties, procedures, and conditions.

CDI specialists receive a comprehensive data set daily, prioritized by patients with the greatest improvement opportunities. Trinda Health shows current diagnoses on record and recommended potential diagnoses based on a comprehensive crawl of patient histories, labs, medications, and notes.

The user-friendly CDI dashboard enables sorting by opportunities with the most significant potential quality impact or DRG impact, allowing CDI teams to focus on both quality improvement initiatives and revenue increases.

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Scalable CDI Processes

Automated, intelligent clinical documentation improvement is the key to higher quality scores, financial growth, and the competitive edge you need to get to 5 stars—no matter your size.

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Efficiency for the Enterprise

From 1- or 2-star hospitals looking to build a CDI foundation to 3- or 4-star hospitals looking for a new competitive edge on quality, we can scale to meet the data demands of the largest healthcare organizations.

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Big Wins for Small Hospitals

Our healthcare quality improvement software fits seamlessly in any CDI workflow for any size team, even solo specialists, helping small teams tackle huge challenges to compete with the big players.

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